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... Hello comm! *waves at tumbleweeds*

We are apparently on hiatus!

... Since I didn't notice until nao. And all the members and things are doing Nanowrimo....


~ Kyra, master of teh comm

Barbie or Hooman? Teh third LOLBarbie

Hai guys! I was watching Toddlers & Tiaras on T.V. when I thought of this. They were showing model pictures of the girls competing and when I saw them, I wasn't sure if they were barbie dolls or children. So you tell me plz:

O_OCollapse )

O_O That is all I have to say for nao. Feel free to debate on whether this is a child or a doll, cuz I'm really not sure.

Oh, I found this article on teh show. It's where I got the picture from.

Teh Second LOLBarbie

Hiya, sparsely-populated comm! *tumbleweed rolls by* No matter, we shall soon be unsparse. WE WILL RULE TEH WORLD BAHAHAHAHA!!


Anyway! I made a LOLBarbie 4 ur pleshur.


clicky 4 teh lulzCollapse )
Yes, it IS a Barbie. Apparently from the Thumbelina movie which I vaguely knew existed. I can haz brain bleach plz? No, really, I'm watching TV with my parents and a commercial for, ah, private problems came on and it resulted in a brain bleach moment. *shudder*


Teh first LOLbarbie

First off (hopefully this won't be needed in the future): The credit for the image goes to Dave Rawels on Flickr. I didn't see a copyright, so hope it's alright to use.
Now, teh pic!
TEH PICCollapse )


Okay, so. This is Barbieland, or Adventures in Barbies, linked to as barbieadventure . There will probably be much LOLspeak. The mods are Heather, June, and I. The first story or LOLbarbie might go up tomorrow, depends on when my camera batteries are charged. Be warned: We do mod a bit, not much but enough.
Anyway, have fun and hope you like it!